Timeline from 1941 to 1961

I was born in Springfield MA on 11 July, 1941. 

Dad = Elton Delany  was from Northampton.  Mom = Helen Kirschner from Easthampton. 

We lived in Springfield until I was almost five: 157 Wilbraham Avenue until May 1942,  126 Page Blvd until Feb 1946.  

Jackie was born on 25 Feb 1944 while we lived on Page Blvd.

Part of that time Dad was in the Navy, stationed in Florida, so some early photos were taken there.  When he was discharged in Feb 1946 the family moved to downtown Jacksonville FL, 333 Riverside Ave, close to the St. John's River. 

In Aug 1947 we moved out to the boondocks near Lake City where I started first grade. Diane was born there 12 Mar 1948. 

From Aug 1948 to Aug 1949 we lived in Pasadena Texas, 1086 Lola Drive. 2nd grade

In Jul 1949 we moved back to Springfield, to Reed Village, 14 Lionel Benoit Rd. In 1951 we moved to 117 Sherman Street and stayed a year.  Grades 3 through 6

In the summer of 1952 we moved to California. 

Among my father's papers...