Extended phone/internet outage

3 Oct to 15 Oct 2013.  

On Thursday 3 October a big storm hit southern France: lots of rain and thunder and lightning.  Around midnight we were awakened by a very loud lighntnig bolt.  It sounded like it hit the house or very close to it.  We lost our electricity and power.  In the morning we got the power back but not the phone.  That was pretty serious since our internet service is ADSL from the phone company.  

I called to report the problem Friday morning. (The number is  10 13 = dix treize  = distress )  Got a text  message saying it would be fixed by Monday.  No such luck.  Called again on Wednesday.  They made an appointment for a technician to come Friday morning.

He came and spent two hours here. Ran about 200 meters of new cable from the house to way up the road.  Replaced one of the noise filters in the house.  Made sure the modem was working.  When he left around noon all was well.

Things were fine for over 24 hours, but Saturday evening the line went dead again.  I called 10 13 on Sunday morning.  They said someone would come to the house on Wednesday.

Being without a phone wasn't disastrous, but we really missed the internet more than we expected.  Not things like news, but we couldn't even decide whether to do laundry because we didn't have an accurate idea of the weather, very rainy at the time.

On Tuesday  the 15th the phone rang !  It was a lady from the phone company saying that things should be OK now.  They'd had three teams working on the network.  She even left a local number to call if there were more problems.

Since then things have worked fine, better than before.  I won't take intenet access for granted any more.