My new 2007 iMac

We bought this iMac in Sarlat France in 2007.  It may have been one of the first of the “new” style with the works inside the display.  It died in 2010, at a bad time, just as I was returning to California for the summer, so we replaced it with a similar 2010 iMac.   When I had an opportunity, I was able to get the problem diagnosed (disk failure) and fixed by Peter Smith at Masclat Micros.  

It died again this Fall, in a different way, and with Mavericks coming out soon I figured it would be obsolete, not worth fixing.  But when Apple said 10.9 would run on the mid-2007 iMacs I went ahead and tried to figure out what the problem was.  Based on what I read on the internet, I guessed that RAM was the problem and ordered a couple 2 GB RAMs from for about €50.

They did the trick.  This 6 year old iMac is up and running again, working fine under Mavericks.

IMG 0005