Visiting Diane

June 27-28 2013   San Diego.  Drove down to see Diane on Thursday and drove home on Friday. Besides visiting I picked up 5 cartons of  family photos.  Went to the house at 6:15am Friday and got them from Patrick.  Drove past old haunts like Kearny High School.

Diane was a lot better than the last time Pat and I saw her, and in a better facility, though the food isn't that good. Unfortunately it's pretty expensive, so she's going to have to move back home.

The route I took avoided traffic as much as possible: 166 to Maricopa and I-5, Tejon Pass, 138 then back roads by Edwards AFB, Saddleback Buttes, then Phelan and I-15 to San Diego. Once you get on I-15 all the drivers are nuts; the drivers in San Diego County are the worst I've seen in the world. They deliberately sabotage each other.

In any case, it was great to see Diane doing so well, as ornery as ever. She had a lot of art work in her room, including some of Jack's paintings.

Two photos…


IMG 0003