Getting to Toulouse

sept 2014 - 002

3 - 4 Sep 2014.  Between leaving the house in Pismo and getting to the hotel in Toulouse I managed to injure myself twice.  At LAX I gashed my hand while attaching my seatbelt.  The cabin crew patched me up and when I got to Paris CDG I went to the Centre Medical for additional aid.

Pat drove down from Masclat to Toulouse to meet me and spend the night at an airport hotel. Everything was going as planned. By 6pm we were in the airport parking garage. I was loaded down with suitcases and looking for the car. I should have been watching where I was putting my feet. I tripped over a speed bump and fell flat on my face, literally. I had no chance to break my fall at all. My forehead and nose hit the concrete hard, and I was fearful I had done real damage. (I have skid marks on my nose, vertical scratches).

The blood really started flowing, making a big mess, but I was able to stand up with no problem and didn't feel faint. Pat screamed for help and a  French man called the airport emergency number.  Emergency workers arrived, put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me to the airport medical center. Very friendly, they quizzed me, sized me up, cleaned me, and called the SAMU for an ambulance. 

The SAMU crew was also ample and friendly. Everyone assumed I had a broken nose, but I got out my driver's license and showed that it's always been crooked.  They got a kick out of that.  They checked me out some more, put Pat and me in an ambulance, and drove to the university hospital, using the siren at times.

The ambulance crew stayed with me for some time, until I was completely checked in.  There were more serious cases than mine and it took a couple hours before the nurses and doctor were finished with me. 

The upshot: no serious problems, just cuts and bruises and bleeding inside my nose, but nothing seems to be broken. Prescription: bandages, pain pills, nasal irrigation. They printed an elaborate report and the prescriptions. We took a cab from the hospital back to the parking garage. Back at the scene everything had been thoroughly cleaned already. Not a sign of the incident.

Everything about the emergency workers and the hospital impressed me.  The quantity and quality of the care I got far exceeded anything I've encountered at places like Sierra Vista.  And no one asked us anything about insurance or paying.  A couple days later we saw an article ranking the hospitals in France. The one in Toulouse was rated best in the nation.