Julie Hendrick

Julie is an engineering student at Cal Poly who we know through her jobs as a waitress, first at Flatbread in Los Alamos, then at Ember in AG. She is involved with a project to get school kids interested in engineering, and the  SLO TT did a story.  It began...

"As two Cal Poly students passed out small plastic bags filled with toothpicks and gumdrop candies, a few fourth-graders in a class at Shell Beach Elementary School immediately wanted to know: Could they eat them?

“No eating the gumdrops, first of all,” said third-year civil engineering student Julie Hendrick.

Hendrick and Cal Poly environmental engineering student Ashley Katchadourian, both members of the Society of Women Engineers, then outlined the challenge: to build a bridge that would hold considerable weight using as few of the toothpicks and gumdrops as possible.