45th Reunion

22 August 2015.  Paul and Barbara Murphy invited Jack Girolo and me to dinner. Paul said it was to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the beginning of our friendship.

In 1970 the statisticians and computer scientists at CP split off from  the math department, so they hired 14 of us in math to fill the gap. Most with PhDs, very rare at CP in those days.

The first day on campus we had a department meeting explaining “The Cal Poly Way.”   Essentially that  CP was run like a plantation. We stumbled out of the meeting wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into.

Paul and Jack and I were assigned to one office, 38-102, and after we talked we realized that with such colleagues we could hang in there.

After all the turmoil we eventually caused, the department head told me the biggest mistake he ever made was not putting each new person in an office with an old-timer.